Don't Give Up

The moment you decide to quit

“…nobody quits an ultra race or Hell Week in a split second. People make the decision to quit hours before they ring that bell, so I needed to be present enough to recognize when my body and mind were starting to fail in order to short circuit the impulse to look for a way out long before I tumbled into that fatal funnel. Ignoring pain or blocking out the truth like I did at the San Diego One Day [100-mile ultra marathon race] would not work this time, and if you are on the hunt for your 100 percent, you should catalog your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Don’t ignore them. Be prepared for them, because in any endurance event, in any high-stress environment, your weaknesses will surface like bad karma, building volume, and overwhelm you. Unless you get ahead of them first.”

David Goggins, Can’t Hurt Me